Super Mario 3D

And once again, the chubby Mario returns to the rescue. This time, something more complicated than the kidnapping of a princess: the tricky situation of Wii U in the market. And this new installment of Super Mario is what Wii U needed urgently. A simple Mario in his mechanics, fun, wonderful to enjoy in company, and with a small facelift. The game could be summed up as the natural evolution of the latest New Super Mario Bros to a three dimensional environment. It does not have that ambition that des ... A colorful dream in company We can take many examples and possibly some better than this one. But Super Mario 3D World is the clearest interactive definition I can think of what Nintendo is. Nintendo is fun, colorful, addictive, game in company. All these ingredients come together this adventure platform. A rich game in each of the points of development that without inventing the wheel gets to create a work essential for any lover of video games. 27434 Times played
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