Super Duper Mario

Super Duper Mario game is a fabulous new online game that can be played for absolutely free of cost. It is an exciting game that closely follows the game pattern of the ever so popular classic Super Mario game but the super duper version certainly adds an immense and powerful set of new additions that not only make the game-play absolutely exciting and addictive, they add a refreshing change to the obstacles and enemies that need to be defeated throughout the course of the game. Super Duper Mario Game, which is a free online game can be played by 2 players making it an even more fun experience for avid gamers who grew up playing this classic and highly entertaining game but stopped playing it because of the rise of several other digitally superior games. What makes Super Duper Mario game a unique experience is the minor changes in the game-play which differentiates it from its classic counterpart. It keeps the adrenaline rush going as once you begin playing the game, Mario will constantly be in motion and you will have to be alert and quick in making sure that you break all the bricks in time to collect the coins and other perks like the growth mushroom and the firing mushroom. Besides, you will also have to make sure that you navigate the Mario in motion in such a way that he does not come in contact with his enemies. You need to make Mario jump at just the right time so that he either avoids touching the enemies entirely or jumps over them, killing them and getting them out of the way. The sounds effects that are used for Super Duper Mario game are exactly identical to the original classic and therefore, you are likely to get a little teary eyed and nostalgic if you haven’t played the game in a while. It will also fill you with an incredible sense of adrenaline and all you would want to do is move through the levels at a lightning speed to save Mario’s love life. The graphics for Super Duper Mario have been inspired by the original classic but some valuable and visible changes have been made to them to accommodate them into the new theme of the game. In every step of the game you have a mission to find a certain number of Arnies and based on that you will be able to move forward in the game. If for some reason, you are unable to meet the minimum requirement for the Arnies, then you will have to play the level again until you reach the goal. This makes the game play intensely satisfying and competitive. Towards the end of each level, you can also head to the Secrets Page that will give you a surprise bonus for playing that particular level. Super Duper Mario game is an enjoyable free version of the classic and must have game for anyone who loved Mario as a kid.. 12172 Times played
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