Happy Wheels

Play happy wheels game 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Survive wild tracks without losing your members! Happy Wheels highlights hilariously astounding racing action. You can play as an elder in a wheelchair, a Segway pilot, or a parent who rides a bicycle. Reveal new people and new vehicles for acrobatics and chaos even more crazy! You can say that Happy Wheels has created history thanks to Jim Bonacci, creator of this game, with a rather macabre idea. You have to cross a circuit in two dimensions raised to different vehicles, like in bicycle, in Segway or wheelchair, while dodging multiple traps that will hinder your arrival to the goal. Beware of the movements you perform or you will soon lose body parts and begin the carnage. The most popular thing about Happy Wheels is that users can design their own levels and can be played by other people, which increases the amount of playable levels, so the game does not really have an end. This video, of the famous Youtuber PewDiePie, with more than 27 million reproductions, is one of the most visited that you can find within Youtube. Awesome, right? The incredible Happy Wheels will drive strange means of transport with wheels. Use a wheelchair with skill or the classic bicycle with the saddle for the children to travel crazy circuits really. Watch the repetition of your exploits to see how skillful you are!. 24320 Times played
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