Cat Mario

Why Cat Mario is the ultimate irresistible game you should be playing. Apart from being absolutely free of cost, Cat Mario is an interesting and addictive game play designed on Flash especially for those avid gamers who love spending their time on the computer playing interesting games having different, fun levels. Cat Mario is the ideal game that you will find yourself going back to every time you decide to take a break from work or wish to surf the internet. While you may have come across a similar game in the past, Cat Mario game is one which has gone through several updates and corrections to make it recent and interesting for the player. You get the option to select the number of lives that you would like to play with before actually entering into the game play that can help you access different levels based on the success in your previous levels. Playing the Cat Mario game is extremely easy as there are not too many controls that you need to know of. The arrow keys on your keyboard are all that you need to play this game. However, that being said, it may seem slightly difficult to play at first, not because of the use of controls but because of the concept of the game as you try to defend yourself from unexpected enemies and collect coins. However, once you get acquainted with the characters and the possible enemies that you can come across in the game, you will be good to go. The main focus when you are trying to play Cat Mario game is to have an upper hand over your enemies. You need to either run away from them or jump over them to defeat them. Whilst you are focussing on keeping these enemies out of the way, you also have to make sure that you do not skimp on the points you need to collect in the form of coins. This will help you reach a new high score depending on the number of levels you cross. You can always go back and improvise on your score if you believe that you can get more coins from a particular level. As you progress to newer levels, you will find that your comfort level with the game increases dramatically. Whilst you are in the midst of the Cat Mario Game, you are likely to come across certain gaps that will lead you to bigger challenges, thus giving you the chance to have a better score. However, these will not seem overly obvious and you need to be alert whilst playing to be able to spot these challenges. This is where the game gets intensely interesting as you come across unexpected twists and turns enabling you to improve your score at every stage of every level. It does not matter what your age is or what profession you are involved in. As long as you have some free time on your hands, this is a game that will help you utilise this free time in the most effective manner and for absolutely free of cost.. 97636 Times played
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