Mario Fighting Games

Super Smash Bros 52151 Times Played
Mario Combat Game 20741 Times Played
Mario Combat 2 Game 15739 Times Played
Super Smash Bros Online 13060 Times Played
Super Mario Combat 11174 Times Played
Street Fighter 2 8933 Times Played
Mario Street Fight 7233 Times Played
Mario Combat 3 5495 Times Played
Mario Combat Deluxe 1 Times Played

Mario Fighting Games MARIO FIGHTING GAMES! Tremendous fighting game! You are playing with Super Mario Bros and you have to fight hand in hand against the army of King Bowser and then against him in the final fight! Spectacular! Mario has always had to fight with his enemies to destroy them, but now the story changed now Super Mario will have to face his enemies and fight with them. Place your dukes, and use the fighting skills of Super Mario Koopa to defend against Troopas and other enemies. In Mario Fighting Games, you can jump higher than before, and feel the rage of a furious Super Mario wrestler. With your help, he is ready to hit and kick his way to victory!