Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario looks and feels like the old Super Mario games created by Nintendo, only filled with booby traps and surprises. You can literally go nowhere without stepping into at least one booby trap. To make it more frustrating, the game always shows how many deaths you have suffered, giving you an added sense of irritation. There are 10 levels of this type of playing, making you think whether it is actually possible to finish this game. Yes, it is possible if one has the patience and endurance to play this game! In Unfair Mario, there are also hints which are sometimes truthful but also sometimes misleading. They can trick you into going somewhere which is filled with booby traps, thus causing you to not trust them, but the next hint will be truthful but your distrust will cause you to suffer yet another death as, trying to maneuver around them will be the cause of your imminent death. Unfair Mario tries to make this game a little fair by making the levels small and by keeping checkpoints at each half, enabling you to save the game and start from there, if you suffer from another death. This game is suited for those who are too bored with playing ‘easy’ games, and who want to play some games which will really make them wonder whether it is possible for them to actually complete it, thus giving them the drive and determination to do so. ‘Unfair Mario’ is certainly the most difficult version of any of the Super Mario games and is very frustrating if you let the constant deaths get to you. But then the feeling of elatedness, the, “Yes! I’ve done it!” is hard to miss when you complete a level. Plus, it makes you create strategies to try and finish the level, thus making you a little strategic and tactical in real life. And sometimes, it can also be fun to play but difficult to master. When you play the game, if you go backwards, you may see the finish flag. But this is a sure sign that there is at least one booby trap ahead of you. So do not trust this and go the long way, that is, through the level. But sometimes it can also lead you to finish the level quicker, making you think: Yes! I should be following this type of playing for this game!, thus leading you to suffer yet another death. Because, the game was created in such a way that the same method will not work twice, trying to cheat as well will not work as there is nothing available to cheat on. There are several “edited” versions of Mario like this game, but Unfair Mario has become the most popular. Cat Mario is another funny version of Mario. This game is one of the games which are small and which runs only on a desktop or laptop computer but is fun to play.

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