Snowy Mario

Mario has to go to the rescue of the princess, shoot snowballs at the enemies to form with them a large ball of snow. once formed the ball pushes to destroy that enemy and to another. This Christmas Princess Peach has been captured by Bowser. Help Mario rescue her by freezing all enemies. Use the arrow keys to move and jump, the space bar to attack or push. Mario takes his snowballs to save Princess Peach once more from the hands of the koopas. Aim without erring and release Mario s love from his caged prison. The beautiful Princess Peach is in trouble. The already known enemies of Super Mario are behind this crime. They do not really leave our poor plumber alone. Your mission will be to help the princess be rescued safe and sound. Do not fall asleep, it can be a very hard battle. They are not going to fall asleep either, but usually in the end, the good always wins. You are ready? Then, face this incredible challenge next to Super Mario.

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