Mario Bounce 2

Super Mario needs your help to jump as high as he can if he wants to complete his mission. Collect as many coins as you can to get points and continue unlocking levels to follow. Watch out for the fire and the enemies. Help Mario to collect all the coins and get inside the stars to pass the level. You have a limited time to achieve. Super Mario Bounce 2 is a fun jumping game in which Mario has to jump on a platform and jump high without crashing into the platforms or bumping into obstacles. The objective is that during the jumps you have to collect all the coins to be able to unlock the next platform that is above, but you will not get to reach the goal. To play you need the keyboard cursors, which will move the plumber when in the air and the Z key to jump. Help Mario to jump on the trampoline and collect the coins without crashing against the ground or other surfaces. Use left / right arrows to move and X to jump.

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