Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Mustapha

Fantastic online version of the classic game Cadillacs and Dinosaurs based on a comic, which will bring many memories to the nostalgic. In it, Mustapha will have to distribute firewood and stop the attacks of a numerous street gang in different scenarios and completely alone. You must have played arcade games with your brother. This game is like these old games. Cadillac is your hero and now the dinosaur gang is your enemy who do not stop following you. With the inexhaustible power of Cadillac, you can defeat everyone. Use for your S, W, D and A addresses on the keyboard, and to attack J and K. It arrives at our computer, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, a fabulous action game, of horizontal displacement and melee, that became raging in the 90s. Posted by Capcom, the game is inspired by the comics of Xenozoic Tales and soon became very popular among video games of the moment.

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